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View Diary: MARIST NV: Obama 50, Romney 47. [More polls added] (132 comments)

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  •  This is what steady progress looks like. (1+ / 0-)
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    In the national polls, we made a big jump over the past 2 days and have been in a bit of a holding pattern today, which is not unusual.

    In the state polls, we have made the big news in the key states all week.  Take a look at Ohio, New Hampshire, Iowa, Wisconsin, Colorado, Virginia, Nevada, North Carolina and Florida, and you can see where Obama has pushed the polling averages in his direction.  It's not a perfect across the board sweep like the 47% days in September, but it's steady, it's climbing, and it's real.

    It has been my opinion since the end of debate 1 that it would take us the rest of the month to get back to our pre-debate 1 numbers in the key states.  I think you are definitely seeing that trend, with some adjustment for natural tightening as on the fence independents who lean GOP go with Romney which is something the campaign always expected.

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    by khyber900 on Thu Oct 25, 2012 at 04:15:23 PM PDT

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