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View Diary: Potential impacts of Sandy on the election and the Northeast (22 comments)

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    1. There is no way in hell they'd extend voting. The crisis that would set off is too much for either party to call for. Even if BOTH parties wanted it, it wouldn't happen. So we can take that right off the table.

    2. The storm, if it hits, will hit this coming Monday/Tuesday. The election is 7 days after that. If it's a storm so big that it keeps people from voting a week after it hits, we have a lot more to worry about than a goddamn election. People would be dead and the damage would have to be catastrophic.

    3. The entire east coast is mobilized. States as far north as Mass and NJ already have utility companies on stand-by, with emergency plans due (at least in Mass) directly to the governor's office by Friday (tomorrow). Short of a Katrina-like bullseye, things will be up and running by the following week.

    4. If you truly want to focus on the electoral impact of a massive storm (and I happen to think it's simultaneously craven and silly), then consider that any giant Romney ad buy, and any rallies to push for voters, goes right out the window if there's a FUCKING HURRICANE. We're already ahead. How should Romney expect to make up ground if he can't reach any voters?

    So there are really only three outcomes that matter. Either the storm hits and is still bad by election day, or the storm hits and isn't bad by election day, or the storm misses. If (a), voting is the least of our concerns. If (b) it won't matter. If (c), this was much ado about nothing.

    TL;DR? It won't matter unless it's a disaster, in which case there are more pressing things than who wins what state.

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