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View Diary: Hell to Pay: Paul Wellstone memorial edition (64 comments)

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  •  What better memorial (7+ / 0-)

    to Paul Wellstone (& to Ted Kennedy) than a progressive government? I'd rather my money went to building such a government - and that's what this is all about - do you want a govt that has the energy, the compassion, the belief in America that Paul embodied and fought for  or not?

    So to that end: I have to go with the following -
    Senate: Sherrod Brown of Ohio. Another fighter for an inclusive govt an inclusive country - a man who understands that America is about Community, that the people are America's finest asset and greatest strength.

    House: Lois Frankel of Florida. She gets it. She understands that not only does she represent her district & her state, but that she does also represent every American in the House. The House of Representatives is the people's voice and Lois believes in people, she understands that this isn't just about women, it's not just about people of color, it's about Americans - about how we define ourselves as a people, as a nation.

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