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View Diary: I just had a weird push-poll call in Oregon (39 comments)

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  •  Me, too .... LOL (7+ / 0-)

    I got basically the same call today, although I don't know if it came in on my landline or cell phone. I always call forward to the cell phone when I am out of the house.

    Someone below suggested getting the number and I have it.

    When she got to this part:

    - Would I still support Obamacare if I knew that it cut $750 billion from Medicare?
    , I called bs on it, said it wasn't true, that the amount was SAVED from waste, etc.

    Another question I called bs on was the rise in gas prices being the responsibility of the president. I said that he had no control over it, and that it was being raised by greed, speculation and more. She was kind of quiet.

    When she got to the identification part, she asked me to spell my name so she could verify it with their records. I said what name do you answer. She repeated her request, I replied the same... no answer.

    She then thanked me for my time.

    When I got home I tried calling the number, but there was a voice mail box that stated the party wasn't available, but I couldn't leave a message.

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