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View Diary: Thursday Swing State Polls Analysis: FL, VA, WI, IA, NC, NV, CO, National (81 comments)

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  •  Poll watch and knock on doors... (0+ / 0-)

    After you've already voted, help drive or direct minorities and young first time voters to the right polls.

    If you speak Spanish, that's even better.

    If you have a car or suv, volunteer to drive democrats to the polls, especially in swing States.

    Stay and watch the polls to make sure Republicans do not try to give false information at the Polls

    The polling right now looks good for the President, but the only real poll is after election night for ALL the States.

    Vote even if so or so call the race too early. The media may not have correct info.

    Vote even if you're in a State that is completely red.

    Even one vote counts. When the final vote is shown on TV, you'll be able to see your vote in the final numbers!


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