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View Diary: CA-01: Could LaMalfa's reboot signify anxiety over the state of the race? (14 comments)

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    I enjoyed your Antidote to Hatred diary. The thing is, to campaign and win in a district like this we have to be willing to have a dialogue with the conservatives who are so deeply rooted here. We have so many of them who are disillusioned with their standard-bearer, who they rightly see as lacking in adherence to stated values, in honesty, and in willingness to represent all of his constituents--qualifications that we all expect from a Congressional representative. We may vary with many Republicans and independents on policy, but Jim Reed is honest and principled. Colonel Pete Stiglich, one of the Republican primary candidates, put  the choice as "principle or party" in his endorsement of Jim. It's sentiments like that that give me hope.

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