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View Diary: Retired NSA Analyst Proves GOP Is Stealing Elections (203 comments)

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  •  My absolutely favorite part of this pile of pucky (9+ / 0-)

    is the thing that kills almost every conspiracy theory out there- it assumes that these idiots could actually pull this off.  

    So... there's a nationwide conspiracy to shave votes using voting machines, an operation spread out over almost every state of the union, coordinated by shadowy figures and kept secret by many, many people.  The CEOs and higher-ups at the companies, the people who wrote the software, the hackers, the flunkies they use to get them in position to do the hacking, and everyone else they bump into must be either bought off or eliminated (and you'd also have to buy those FAA inspectors and their bosses off for any mystery plane crashes).  All of this has been kept secret from the public and the operation continues to hum along without a glitch, completely undetected for years.

    Meanwhile, the Rmoney campaign is giving us trees of the correct height, missing tax returns, thirty-one flavors of rape, horses and bayonets, etc.  These are the same people that can't keep a bartender from recording an entire speech of absolutely damning soundbites (47%), who can't do a decent campaign commercial to save their lives, who release badly and obviously photoshopped records of campaign events on their tumblr account, who can't get their candidate to act natural for five seconds, who can't keep his son from threatening the president, who can't get the guy to not sound like a total moron on foreign policy despite weeks of practice...  see a disconnect, here?

    It seems to me that if these shadowy bad guys would simply have spent their talents and energies on preparing a good candidate, making him look good, and putting together an awesome package of damning stuff against the president, they could simply win, legally and simply, at the polls.  Remember, Obama was losing against "generic republican".  These people couldn't even do THAT.  

    Yet they can run a flawless, invisible operation to shave votes in every major precinct in America.  

    Yup.  Hey, lookie here, I got a bridge to sell you...

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