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  •  As a (d)emocratic Socialist, I sometimes (11+ / 0-)

    wish I were better represented. For example, I don't believe in the need for a standing military. I don't believe in the death penalty. I don't believe in globalization as a sustainable economic model, and thus I don't particularly believe in trade deals which benefit other countries. Thus said, I believe that the Republican Party is wholly corrupt, that living under Bush's regime for eight years nearly bankrupted our nation, and that social justice and civil rights declined and will continue to decline under such a Party.

    I continue to vote Democratic because some Democrats have very good ideas, the most important of which to me is creating a functioning coalition of people who can advance social equity better than anyone else right now politically. Also, ecologically speaking, the clock is ticking, and Democrats believe in man-made climate change. It is the fact that Democrats are able to stand by one another toward some issues which are important to me, whereas the Republican Party is a retrogressive pox on every issue that reminds me to vote for Democrats each and every year.

    I don't share many of the specific points of view that you share in your diary, but I do share the conclusions which you come to, and some for similar reasons.

    Capitalism and war are deal-breakers to me, and yet the job of U.S. President is one which asks us to elect someone to the position of Commander-in-Chief of a Capitalist nation. That presents quite a paradoxical request; in the past, I simply responded by not voting. Later, I realized that this was short-sighted because I couldn't change the job description through my vote. I will always oppose these things, along with other issues like social injustice. But when I think about what kind of person I want as President, what kind of person I want to carry out wars in my name -- wars which I would never want my name attached to -- or military interventions, or economic global trade deals, or domestic policies that the President tackles, then I always see that the Democratic nominee is better than the Republican nominee, and that some elusive protest vote candidate isn't going to punish anyone but ourselves in the long run.

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