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  •  J M V, I identify with your disillusionment with (6+ / 0-)

    the Democratic Party.

    However, even in identifying with your quest to vote for someone with your values down the line (and I suspect, but cannot know, that my values and your values are indistinguishable), I've been a longtime Democratic activist (I consider myself a Green Dem) and I've seen that the numerically minor presidential candidates, even if elected, would be cut off at the knees legislatively because the numerically minor have failed to concentrate on pursuing and winning local elections, so as to have "backing" eventually for the top of the ticket.

    A president doesn't legislate. A president may inspire legislation, but if s/he doesn't have enough like-minded legislators to make the deals (and create laws that punish evil political action), they cannot get anything beneficial done.

    T&R'd. Thank you for your diary.

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