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  •  As an Occupier and a Democrat, I (3+ / 0-)
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    feel similarly as you on many points.  As an Occupier I sat with the Democratic mayor I voted for a few weeks earlier, in negotiations about our encampment.  He said he sympathized with the majority of our positions, he was an 'Obama Democrat', as he put it.   As he repeatedly catered to downtown business interests over the plight of the unemployed, uninsured and homeless, and sent the police in nightly to ticket, arrest and beat up.

    As many of the libertarians, Greens and anarchists hounded nearly every Democrat (and Republican, I might add) out of our local Occupy,  I am leaning more in the direction of "occupying" the Democrats.  The party has gotten more right wing as we progressives and radicals abandon the party, rather than using it as the most effective tool that it could be.  I hear my Occupy acquaintances talk about oppression, racism and classism (from mostly white, middle class people) and yet they ignore that the Democratic party is the most diverse group of people in any location you can name, that have achieved truly historic gains for 99%.  My local Occupy disappointed me with its abandonment of hearing all voices.  I've also concluded that many of them just want to feel morally superior and strive only for a perfectionism doomed to failure.    I actually want to make progress. I actually want to win victories.  

    While I help build 'the better world' as it should be, I must realistically and practically operate in the often frustrating, often difficult world as it is.  

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