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  •  It's Power and Control for Hierarchy Stability (2+ / 0-)
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    The elimination of opposition through intimidation and marginalization. It's an ends justifies the means argument.

    Rape is a means to some. Any rational, feeling person should recognize how devastating rape is and the insanity in marginalizing its impact on the individual and society. Choice does not eliminate the power structure supporting rape because choice is reactive. Wasn't a choice initially taken away? Choice can be used to marginalize other valid objections by the subjugated because it becomes an argument of "what more do you want we've been so accommodating." Attacking the root of the hierarchical power structure imposing its ideals is the solution. It's a little fuzzy, but I'm thinking old, white guy financial sector is in the ballpark.

    The arguments for choice and anti-rape—individually empowering positions—should be made within the context of opposing the depraved established power structure. It's a fundamental struggle. There is no difference among the many transgressions save for the immediacy and personalization. It is the capricious subjugation of the many to the whims of the few.

    Each issue we argue is important and just, but it all points to a common enemy which seeks to break, noit elevate, the human spirit. Rather than spread resources over multiple issues, it may be time for a concentrated attack on the root cause of injustice. We are desperately in need of a philosophical transformation in our politics, economy, and world view.

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