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    All the same to my ears ...

    When I entered the US as a legal permanent resident, ie with a green card I won in the green card lottery in 1987, I was greeted by the immigration officer at the airport with
    "Welcome Home, honey". I just thought "Wow"... it wasn't really my home yet, but for them it just was unimaginable that it was not..  

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      part of the US' problem is that it thinks everyone wants to live there and admires all that there is in the US.

      The notion that many people like their home country is not imaginable... and yet many of us do!

      I would not live in the US if you paid me.  Visit, yes, but then come home to a land with police who don't carry guns (and no 2nd Amendment insanity!!), with an NHS and a welfare state of sorts, usually something like a fair tax system, decent TV, and no place for religion in its politics.  And election campaigns that last at most about 6 months!


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