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  •  The Soldiers for the Truth site (4.00)
    ( has some pretty interesting things to say about the DoD accounting for the war.  apparently a soldier that dies before being attended to is KIA and those are the numbers we see.  Soldiers that die once they have been touched by medical personeel are counted as DOW (died of wounds).  We do not see those numbers.

    The problem at this point is that the story requires independent investigative journalism.  KIA.

    It is either the light at the end of the tunnel or a gorilla with a flashlight...

    by mccan on Wed May 18, 2005 at 01:45:40 PM PDT

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    •  I don't understand (none)
      We've already established that the "official" count of war dead includes many soldiers who died at the hospital in Landstuhl, Germany.  How does this mesh with what you just said?
      •  Here is what the Army says..... (4.00)
        I have been looking at this story as has a journo friend of mine for over a year and although nothing about this administration would surprise me; there is no evidence for what is being reported about this elevated death count.

        I personally spoke to the Army months ago and as I recall the statistic, if a soldier dies within three months of his injuries he is included in the official death count and added to the list.

        Obviously certain brain injuries and burns will linger, maybe for a year before they die and of course some of the amputees who require many surgeries will contact infections and die much later so there could potentially be a few more than we know.  But the report in the other diary is suggesting it has numbers from the transportation command which oversees bodies coming in to Dover.  That would mean that they would have died in Iraq or at Landstuhl or somewhere in between. There is just no evidence for what they are suggesting and if it was happening you can be sure the soldiers who witnessed the death or know about it would be screaming bloody murder.  They take the deaths of their buddies very seriously and the military would never get away with this.

        If someone attempts to argue that maybe they died at Landstuhl after the inclusion period, I can assure you that this hospital does not keep wounded soldiers that long.  
        From what I know, it is the wounded numbers that are dicey and harder to track.  Hope this helps.

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