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  •  Who cares about the Freepers? (4.00)
    I'm quite happy that this diary went up to dispel the earlier, unfounded rumor -- and that's what it was, question mark or no.  But I see several comments fretting about what the Freepers will think of us.  Who gives a shit? They hate us and this site and will trash it no matter what, and the notion that if we just don't give them any ammunition, then they can't defame us, is charmingly naive.  

    I'm much more concerned about the good folks on this site, and not misleading them.  The truth is too precious a commodity these days for this site to traffic in anything less.

    US Dead in Iraq = 1610
    WMD Found = 0 (And that's final!)

    by Glenn in NYC on Wed May 18, 2005 at 01:48:30 PM PDT

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