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  •  I understand the suspicion, (none)
    But think of what is being suggested. It is not credible, and credibility is important. Powerful people in both Government and Media read DailyKos. Some are on our side, some uncommitted and some against us. In any case, the diary in question gaining such wide exposure hurts our cause.

    I am not relying on MSM sourcing here. I'm in Iraq. I promise you, there is no way thousands of US military deaths have been covered up. I've spent time in the Air Force and the Army, I could tell the article was bogus right away. What really tipped me off was the reference to "MATS". That is a very old school reference to the AF organisation that is now known as Air Mobility Command. AMC handles the repatriation of remains.

    This isn't exactly commen knowledge, and I appreciate the lack of regard for the neo-cons. However, there are only so many of them. They are actually quite insulated. To pull off a scam such as the one proposed would require the compliance of thousands of Soldiers, Airmen, and Marines as well as the majority of the Officers in the Pentagon. I don't know what kind of men people think make up our nation's military, but if anyone thinks that a large number of us would do such a thing, you're way off. Hell, even Paul O'Neill (who Bush put in his cabinet!) blew the whistle on these guys. It's not that bad, if it were there would be no hope. Bush would just declare himself King and that would be that. He can't do that. The neo-cons aren't that powerful. They don't have that much influence. They are dangerous, don't get me wrong, they have way too much power right now. I'm just saying we need to keep a sense of perspective.

    Anyone who spent time in the service (which none of the neo-cons have) would know that respect for fallen comrades is a sacred value within the US Military Culture. We don't leave our people behind. The idea that US Military Officers, Soldiers, Airmen and Marines essentially participated in operations which "left behind" thousands of their brothers, without granting them proper recognition and honour is just totally false. We have bad people within our ranks, no doubt. And our recent scandals are a clear reflection of senior leadership, which has been (to be charitable) poor. But we are still the Armed Forces of the United States. That means something. For all the talk of sinister conspiracies and neo-con coups, people need to understand there are some things that the Bushes of this world can not change. We didn't do this. We will never leave our people behind.

    Note: This is an edited version of a response I made to the author of the "9000" diary. I wanted to share my feelings about this with more people. If we lose someone in country, it's a big deal. My unit has had it easy, we've only lost three men so far. But when they died, it was all we thought about for weeks. If their names had failed to show up in Stars and Stripes we would have noticed.

    The idea that 7000 GIs could be swept under the rug is, well... I honestly don't have a word for it. I'm really upset about this. I'm actually offended. I'm the guy who rails against censorship here on Kos. I'm the guy who is  always telling people to lighten up and not be overly sensitive. I'm trying not to be judgemental, but I guess it's easier to say than do. I'm not mad at you guys, anyone can  make a mistake. But it was wrong to put this sort of thing out as a serious story. It would be borderline as satire.

    "I am not a crook" - The Honourable Richard M. Nixon

    by tricky dick on Wed May 18, 2005 at 04:49:24 PM PDT

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