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  •  I wrote the original so called debunked Diary (none)
    So I'll be happy to comment. The case is not closed. I pointed at Soldiers for the Truth because I saw that early this morning and was shocked. The question part of it was to get a dialog started. If you believe the number was bogus or that all the media and the govt numbers should be taken at face value...fine. I don't. We get lied to every day and it's uncovered almost every day to the point where we are numb.

    Attention is diverted by Bashing Gays, pushing BS Social Security bills while the Bankruptcy bill and other Business lobby pay-off legislation is passed in the dead of night like a bad case of diarrhea as we argue over things that pale by comparison. By the time we see what's happening, it's too late to stop it.

    I'll book mark this post. We'll see where we are in 06 when we get stomped again and in 08 when we get stomped again. Why? Because part of being a reality based community is understanding the absolute reality that the Bushco Wackos believe in doing whatever is necessary to hold on to power. If that means lying or covering up deaths, so be it. It's for the cause.  

    They have 2.6 Trillion of your money to spend every year. 800 Billion of that they can pass around friends. Big Pharma is going to make a huge chunk of cash raiding the treasury next year. You think drug prices are high now? Wait till next year. People die everyday for a few dollars in a cash register. Maybe 800 Billion is too big a number for you to swallow like 9000 dead. So call me names.

    Our power is limited to writing letters that get circular filed or answered by a non-answer. Who said I'm a plant for the Freepers or other side? If that isn't the biggest bunch of crap I've ever heard. Check my goddamn profile. My email address is there and so is my website which has all my physical contact info. How many of you have that information up?

    On a more personal level, I'm disgusted. There's nothing worse than a bunch of anonymous assholes getting behind the safety of their computer screens and personally attacking someone because I didn't prove a question with intractable facts on a freakin Blog.

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    by Dburn on Wed May 18, 2005 at 08:17:46 PM PDT

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