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    Well, it is a wonderful morning here in Nongboonmak Thailand. I still have 8 days remaining here and I can't wait to get home to vote.
    I have a question that begs to be asked, that may have been answered but I didn't read it, so I am asking :
    With the billion dollars raised mark being hit, does anyone else think the corporate media could be slanting the poles to show a horse race to get every dollar they can in advertising ? I know corporations always act ethically and honestly, but maybe the money could corrupt them ?
    I know, I am being cynical, but I have had time to read and watch from afar the last couple weeks. It seems each candidate is dropping and rising every day. It just doesn't seem normal.
    Whatever. I could be crazy, I just have it set in my heart and mind that Romney can't win.
    I am watching from afar at this point, but it doesn't seem reasonable for anyone who isn't a straight white male with a trust fund to vote for him ? Whatever, I am off for breakfast

    you can't remain neutral on a moving train

    by rmfcjr on Fri Oct 26, 2012 at 12:31:32 PM PDT

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