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View Diary: Breaking: Delphi Auto (major Romney investment) buys factories in China after firing 25K US workers (103 comments)

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  •  I am not surprised at the financial vulturism (1+ / 0-)
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    of Bain in their purchase and exportation of Delphi. What continues to amaze me is the complete ignorance of the American public of the pernicious nature of American vulture capitalism (AVC). Americans simply do not realize that AVC is a greed driven ECONOMIC DISEASE that will continue to destroy American society unless it is stopped. AVC will never be satisfied, and no amount of capital accumulation will ever be enough.  Most Americans do not pay attention to the devastation brought down on American workers by AVC as long as there is no impact or threat to their individual jobs. If it falls on somebody else that's just too bad, and they may express some degree of sorrow.

    Now American voters are faced with a "no brainer" choice in selecting the next POTUS. Romney the challenger is not just an AVC, he is the grandaddy "PIONEER" of AVC. In the heat of the campaign Romney's Bain Capital has not even paused its takeover vulture capitalist operations, namely the latest of which is Sensata, a successful auto parts manufacturer.  With these AVC's it is full speed ahead and let the devil take the hindmost. The shame of it all which is LOST on the average American worker is that it is their TAXES that are filling the pockets of the AVC's; and even more TAX MONEY is being used by the AVCs to buy factories over in China and to pay for the shipping of equipment inside closing American plants to be shipped to China to be used by the chinese workers to manufacture components that were previously made by American workers.  

    What degree of outrage is required to make the American worker WTFU and put a violent STOP to the rapidly expanse of AVC?

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