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View Diary: Breaking: Delphi Auto (major Romney investment) buys factories in China after firing 25K US workers (103 comments)

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  •  I caught part of a rerun of ann episode of (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    elwior, VictorLaszlo

    Criminal Minds and noted the name of the episode '25 to Life". I wanted to be sure of what I heard. The script was online

    They were profiling a killer and someone suggested his occupation. They knew he was wealthy and had manipulative charm.
    Morgan corrected her.

    I think it's more intimate than that.
    He needs victims who suffer
    directly from what he's doing.
    Look into asset-based lenders,
    uh, big money-making ventures
    where people would be
    left in his wake.
    Corporate takeovers.
    Then discussion goes to
    Businessman as psychopath?

    They have the same characteristics.
    They just use their skills differently.
    They both have
    narcissistic traits,
    such as a grandiose sense
    of self-importance,
    deceptiveness, lack of remorse.
    Hard-core businessmen,

    Ah, so now they
    ll try to link businessmen like that with a house decades ago. They find one
    Turns out he's 'happily married' with 3 lovely kiddies and running for Congress
    They  go to their director for OK to bust him (lacking firm evidence) Discussion goes
    You want to arrest James Stanworth?
    Are you out of your mind? (snip)

    He fits the profile, Erin.

    Forgive me, but your profile
    sounds like a self-made man,
    not the psychopath
    you claim he is.

    We said he'd be destructive.
    In 1998 alone,
    he fired 6,000 people
    from one of his companies.
    Some of those employees
    took their own lives.
    This is the type of power and
    devastation that he enjoys.

    If you care about the end boss says no, group still goes to his fundraiser to piss him off and watch him react and see if he has scratch on his hand
    He did and he did it.

    This was soon after another accidental viewing, a show on Discovery about evil and the brain. This investigator did a big study on serial killers and differences in  brain structure, function, genetics
    Love our ability to see the brain now, I was interested

    As it turns out  he found the differences in nearly all the serial killers (MAO-A gene, decreased activity in the orbitofrontal cortex, and some other alterations... actually two variants that also fit with the type of killing but that is another story) Criminal psychopaths.

    Going further he found a few large group of nuns he studied had it also without apparent personality or behavioral effects (better verbal and written skills actually or psychopathology.

    But then there was The Wall Street Psychopath.
    He got a chance to image brains of many high power, successful ceo/wall street types.
    The study  of ceos and nuns wasn't for evil study if I recall but since he had these large groupings he went back and looked at them of these  serial killers markers

    The different paths between serial killer and wall street seems to be childhood abuse, subsequent brain injuries in the killers

    So I am not calling romney a serial killer, (but maybe CNN should scroll the question like they did 4 years ago asking "Is Obama the Anti-Christ?" pimping a show on it) but boy when you said evil those things popped into mind

    I tried to find link to show I saw on brain but wasn
    t finding it. Did stumble across this (not based on brain/DNA though) on a neurolaw blog

    I believe that CEOs should be tested for empathetic tendencies because so many lives and livelihoods can be put in jeopardy. Any CEO exhibiting typical charm but bullies others and creates chaos to mask their own actions should be under close watch by the rest of the company. In a crashing market like ours, we need great leaders, not selfish ones.
    mitt really is extreme in his lying. He lies often and lies about lying, lies to the face of people who knows he is lying, lies when he knows he will be caught, where the truth is easy to find.
    That is very strange trait, very strange

    He's not a good liar, he's horrible. He is not the Lance Armstrong version of a lying politician. Lance hid his bad things oh so well... to be like mitt he'd have to be shooting up enhancing drugs in public, in front of crowds and cameras and then deny that he did it
    and the media would just stop talking about it

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