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    You can keep the Electoral College if you get rid of the Senate. Yes, it’s absurd that a Presidential candidate could get the most votes and still lose the election. That said, it’s even crazier that a Senator from, say, Wyoming (population 568,000) gets the same voting power as Senator from California (population 37,691,000). Ultimately, political representatives need to represent people, not arbitrary geographical areas, i.e.: States.

    Here’s my half-baked idea: Abolish the Senate. Alternate 1: Replace it with a nationally elected legislative body, basically a Parliament, and apportion seats based on the percentage of votes won. Alternate 2: Don’t replace the Senate and double the number of seats in the House. As it stands each representative has an average of well over 650,000 constituents. Cut that ratio in half and draw some more fine-grained districts and people could get reps that actually represent them.

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    by Joe Bob on Fri Oct 26, 2012 at 02:21:41 PM PDT

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