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    1) You are making a recursive argument. "We know what California wants. We know what Texas wants". etc... You are already assuming STATES to be atomic entities in your argument, and then you go on to argue that an electoral system which takes states to be atomic entities is better. Well, what San Francisco "needs" is not what Sacramento "needs". What Dallas "needs" is not what Austin "needs". You're right in saying that large Republican advantages in the South would mean more than if they were smaller, but in absolute terms they still translate into fewer vote margins than a little smaller Democratic advantages in much more populous states.

    2) Population of California is around 38 million. Population of Wyoming is around 600k. California has around 63 times the population of Wyoming.
    On the other hand, Wyoming has 3 electoral votes, to California's 55. Therefore, California has around 18 times more electoral votes than Wyoming.
    So what does that mean? A vote in Wyoming "weighs" 3 times what a vote of a Californian does.
    This is true in general: since "blue states" are more populous than "red states", and since major urban centers are mainly in "blue states", blue state votes represent fewer EC votes per capita. Not only do red states get more money in return from the Federal Government than the blue states do, but their voters also get more bang for the buck.

    3) The phenomenon of "swing states" is consequence of not only the EC system, but of an entrenched two-party system as well (I actually think that the two are hardly divorcible; a third party would be able to make inroads much more effectively without the EC system). Either way, voter turnout in swing states is MUCH higher than in safe states. I live in NYC. I'm very politically aware. And you know, if I was running a fever on election day, or the weather was uber-shitty, I wouldn't really sweat it if I didn't make it to the polls; helping the GOTV in Ohio or phone-banking is a much better use of my time. Is that not paradoxical?

    4) Your "moderating extremism" argument: Jerry Fallwell vs. Michael Moore. First of all, Michael Moore is hardly an extremist in any sense, but I digress. What you're saying here is a negative side of the EC system, not positive. We're a huge country with a large diversity of perspective and ideas, and instead of using that diversity as a virtue, we let the ideas cancel each other out until we're left with an impotent, milketoast middle unable to do very much for anybody at all.

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