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  •  I am a great Bruce fan but I wish he had.... (1+ / 0-)
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    ... learned a few verses of THIS song and sung it instead of the slapdash half-ass thing he threw off for his stump appearances.

    I've seen probably 75 Bruce shows and his version of "Forward" is simply a slightly rewritten version of "In Michigan," a slap-ass joke song he sang on acoustic tours in the 1990s.

    I am glad Bruce has gotten on board and is backing Obama, but I wish he had either spent more than 5 minutes coming up with his own little ditty, or else the campaign had sent him an mp3 of the official "Forward" song and said, "why don't you learn a few verses of this one."

    It's not exactly "A Day In The Life," it's something any experienced singer could learn a few verses of in 15 minutes.

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