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View Diary: Surprise! Jennifer Rubin lives in an alternate universe. (8 comments)

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  •  So she cites Michael Barone's read of the Oct Pew (1+ / 0-)
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    poll -- you know the one showing R taking a +12 jump after the first debate -- to figure out the state of the suburbs.  Hmm, why ONLY the Pew poll.

    Then she cites a wise crack from someone inside the Rove SuperPac, wow totally unbiased and reliable assessment, hmm JR?

    and then she turns to the Rep RCP website.

    My goodness, I am not surprised she thinks everything is just Mittens, or more likely, she has had to scrape the bottom of the Rep-propaganda machine to find "evidence" to support the Rmoney has mojo meme.  Pathetic JR, just pathetic.

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