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View Diary: Nate Silver says 74.4% & 295.4 EVs (145 comments)

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    ...I'm sorry I missed that.  Did Wolf Blitzer's head start spinning?

    •  It was on Anderson Cooper (0+ / 0-)

      Both he and John King's breaking down of the new Ohio poll's internals and anaylzing the swing states on the electoral board, it forced them to report the facts. Blitzer and whoever the producer was when CNN originally reported the new poll as a "tie" clearly had an agenda.

      I've despised John King for years. But when he sticks to what he's good at, playing around with his interactive electoral map, he's almost tolerable. If I had my way, CNN would shitcan most of their election coverage, and just have an hour each day of King and that electoral map. It's far more informative than 24 hours of CNN programming.

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