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  •  Excellent. (10+ / 0-)
    Now Blake you get 1/2 -$250.
    You said you have to pay taxes -ok $50
    I'm assuming the taxes go, at least in part, to social welfare programs to feed, as you would put it, the lazy bums who choose to sit on their asses all day? Taxes cover the miiiiillions of not-really-needy-fakers in real life, don't they?
    You said you need to pay me back for equipment $50
    Look! Investment! Paying off business debt so that you don't owe money NEXT week! Next Saturday, you're going to "get it back."
    You said you need to pay Payton for making sure you have hot chocolate and gloves $25
    Paying for business services! You're helping the American economy by making purchases from other business owners from other suppliers. Good for you. But wait, hot chocolate sounds like one of those things you might spend your ultimate "profit" on anyway. Along with clothes (gloves?) and sodas and video games and movie tickets. So you're really just spending your money. You're not being FORCED to make these purchases, are you? Certainly not by the big bad government! So we'll have to give you back this $25 as discretionary income.
    Luke and Ryan your friends stop by for their $25 each. What you say you don't understand? They were playing video games every weekend when you were working in the cold? Oh well we still have to give them some. So $50 gone
    Now wait a minute. Don't those taxes you paid up in the beginning take care of the parasites like Luke and Ryan? They do in the nefarious government-conspires-to-take-your-money scheme this story is meant to allegorize.
    So how much do you have? $75
    Actually, $150. And next Saturday it will be $200 since you'll have paid off your equipment.

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