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    Smoh, gtomkins

    The Right in America whether it is the old Dixiecrat Right or the new Tea Party Right have used methods to disenfranchise American citizens from the decision-making process via the ballot box.  Tactics have changed, the ideas remain the same.

    The Dixiecrats employed Poll Taxes, Grandfather Clauses, "literacy tests", and physical intimidation( the Klan burning a Black registrant out of house and home on the evening of an election). The junior version of the Dixiecrats the Tea Party, pushes for more ID laws to get rid of the impoverished, the elderly, college students from voting. As Joseph Lowrey once commented in a speech in Cleveland,"Everything has changed,not has changed."

    Last year, Think Progress highlighted a Tea Party fanatic floating the idea of having property owners vote in elections. This idea along with abolishing the Voting Rights Act(Todd Akin), challenges to the Section Five provision of the Voting Rights Act, abolishing the 17th Amendment concerning direct of election of US Senators by the voters all but spell a pattern of what the far Right wants to do: stick obstacles on the way to the ballot box.

    Yes, with changing demographics happening before our very eyes, we can expect the Koch brothers through their arm ALEC to make a push in the Statehouses to do such a thing with the AM radio shows, think tanks, bloggers hyping the movement.

    Thank you for this diary. This should be on the Sunday Kos feature section.

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      Smoh, gtomkins

      purging voter rolls, "ballot security"(William Rehnquist denied he ever done it),and billboards are used by Tea Party activists and their supporters.

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        They have organized the efforts you are referring to as the True the Vote movement.

        If they also had voter suppression laws along the lines I talk about in this diary, laws creating complicated restricitons based on residence, that would make their True the Vote effort that much more effective.  The two would work in synergy, as many people who could comply with the complicated provisions of the new laws would be deterred from even trying by the example of other people being sent to prison for failing to dot every i and cross every t as they tried to register and vote.  

        We should have destroyed the presidency before Obama took office. Too late now.

        by gtomkins on Sat Oct 27, 2012 at 09:25:27 AM PDT

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      The point, which I make at greater length in the diary, is that these are indeed the same segregationists, with the same ideology, as in Jim Crow days.

      There is this huge difference between now and Jim Crow days.  Back then, these people were Bourbon Democrats.  They had no higher ambition then but to maintain apartheid only in their own states, only in the old Confederacy.  And the practical state of federalism then was such that they could get away with that, the rest of the country wasn't going to enforce the 15th Amendment on them (nor the 14th for that matter).

      Then we got the Warren court on the judicial side, and the Johnson administration on the legislative side, to break the corrupt bargain whereby the Bourbon Democrats had been allowed to maintain their system of slavery by another name in their states.  The federal govt and the national Democratic Party started enforcing the 14th and 15th, and Jim Crow's legal framework was destroyed.

      The segregationists have never given up, and our party's expulsion of the Bourbon Democrats has given them their chance to claw back.  The South did not turn entirely Republican entirely overnight (much more rapidly at the presidential level, much more slowly the more retail the political level), but by now the other party has almost completely taken over the Solid South, solid now for the other party.  

      But they can no longer rebuild a segregated society just in one corner of this country.  Now they have to win at the national level, they have to control the national courts and the national legislature, and they therefore have to spread their system to enough states to control the whole.  They have to make segregation viable everywhere, just as their Slavocrat spiritual ancestors had to make slavery viable everywhere, just to preserve it in their corner of the country.

      This is now an unavoidable fight to the death between the two parties.  They either suppress the effective right of minorities to vote in enough states to relaibly and permanently control the federal government, or they will be destroyed by the demographic tide.  We either keep them from doing that by imposing true, practical, universal suffrage, or their scheme works and we are permanently out of power.

      We should have destroyed the presidency before Obama took office. Too late now.

      by gtomkins on Sat Oct 27, 2012 at 09:47:27 AM PDT

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