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  •  That's right - they taste awful (3+ / 0-)
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    4CasandChlo, jakedog42, tharu1

    I have kept, and tried to eat, just one blue shark.  They are disgusting as table fare.  Watching them swim, as they swarm and swoop like big birds of prey around the chum bucket, communicates like few other spectacles the awe that pelagic creatures can inspire.  Our Atlantic White Sided dolphins appear to avoid blue sharks, or at least they avoid us when the sharks are around.  I would love to have seen the dolphin attack.  

    •  Well, that answers my question: (3+ / 0-)
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      salmo, jakedog42, tharu1

      I was thinking "well, if they ARE being caught, legally or not, why are they throwing the meat away?"

      Now the catch of these sharks is all the more criminal (not that it wasn't before) b/c they are being killed for a tiny portion that goes to service the elite's cultural choices in Asia.

      Elites are elites everywhere and if our culture had a history of "shark fin soup" I am sure people would be harvesting them here.

      Blessed are the peacemakers, the poor, the meek and the sick. Message to Repug Fundies: "DO you really wonder "what would Jesus do?" I didn't think so.

      by 4CasandChlo on Sun Oct 28, 2012 at 08:47:45 AM PDT

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      •  It's happening here (3+ / 0-)
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        jakedog42, 4CasandChlo, tharu1

        It's happening here too.  It is worth noting that people who work on the sea often have a strange reaction to sharks.  A friend of mine, who was an engineer on a commercial fishing boat for a while, said that one of the oddest things he found about the job was the way sharks were treated when they were brought aboard.  He described it as insane, and ascribed it to the widespread fear they all felt about being eaten by sharks.  Anyway, maybe that explains "Finning."  Hooked sharks are brought to the boat where their fins are cut off, then they are "released" as the leader is cut, to drift off and starve, die/be eaten.  I believe the practice it is now outlawed, but policing that ban on the oceans is virtually impossible.  As long as trade in shark fins is legal, it's going to happen.

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