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View Diary: [UPDATE] The Bigger Picture: Forget the Religious Right. Talk about the Average Joe. (203 comments)

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  •  How do we grab these peoples attention? (4.00)
    It's about money stupid, at least it is today. People are poor and getting poorer and they are finally starting to notice.

    My 527 idea

    (man outside with the hood up on his old junker car, throws his shop rag)
    Male Voiceover: "I went to college, worked hard, have a good job. My parents had a nice home, reliable vehicles, went on vacations. Why can't I afford to do those things?"

    (woman with sick little kid, sitting in the emergency waiting room with tons of other people)
    Woman's Voiceover: "Why can't we just take our kids to the doctor when they get a little sick, or need a check up? When I was a kid, we always had our shots and just made an appointment with our doctor when we were sick."

    (over various images)
    Strong Male Voiceover: Current inflation adjusted incomes are at a 55 year low. The last time wages were this low, Harry Truman was president. Your parents earned more for the same job than you do. How can this be true?

    Strong Female Voiceover: "Adjusted for inflation, the minimum wage is $3.53 lower than it was in 1968. This affects the wages of all hourly wage earners, hourly wages are almost always determined as a percent above minimum. Why is this happening?"

    Strong Male Voiceover: " The republicans have opposed every attempt by congress to raise the minimum wage since (pause)
     "Vote for the party that believes in a living wage for a 40 hour workweek, and affordable health insurance for hard working Americans."

    Strong Female Voice: ". Take back dignity and a living wage for working Americans. Vote Democrat, in the upcoming elections"

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