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View Diary: [UPDATE] The Bigger Picture: Forget the Religious Right. Talk about the Average Joe. (203 comments)

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  •  Maniacally brilliant political strategy. (4.00)
    This administration has vested interests in encouraging and inciting, at least the appearance, of a secular vs. religious war in this country. In addition to the great points that you made, this domestic "war" serves as a dense smokescreen for their real workings and aids in their strategy of dividing and conquering the populace.  I am leery of any scapegoat (the religious right) offered up so conveniently for the democrats and progressives to focus on.
    •  Like my baby brother says (none)
      "Left" and "Right" are the two sides of the chute that they're using to keep all us cattle penned up and heading straight into the slaughterhouse.

      But no fence can stop a stampede.

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