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View Diary: [UPDATE] The Bigger Picture: Forget the Religious Right. Talk about the Average Joe. (203 comments)

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  •  community investment is good selfishness (none)
    why can't we have Greed For Good?

    I bet there are a LOT of underlings in health care or the road dept or the education bureaucracies or ... who have ideas to make things work better - better to serve the customers that the organization exists for.

    what do the underlings get if they come up with an idea to shave 2 hours a week, or 20 hours a week, or 20 people a week, ... off a process?  a bunch of people get shitcanned AND they hate you, a bunch of bosses give you a fu*ing placque made of plexiglass and some piddle shit raise, and almost NO more services are delivered to the customers.

    what if the person with the idea got 10% for 3 years, up to 5 years off with pay?  What if the riffed people got retrained to do something like take care of sick people or teach kids reading and math or fill potholes, instead of their current jobs of filling out f*king paperwork for Vogon bosses?

    it is selfish to work together !! we can get more done with less work, therefore have more free time to sleep on the couch or play with the kids or take care of granny or work more hours and retire early ...

    I hate these pleas to do the right thing cuz of some noble selfless mother teresa martyr stuff - people are selfish, let's change the rules of greed to make good pay off with something people want, other than a smug internal glow.  


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