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  •  Your mother may have had a choice (0+ / 0-)

    By 1972 there were more options -- abortion was legal in NY, and available elsewhere under some circumstances. I had several friends, middle class, who were able to get a psychiatrist certify that they were suicidal due to the pregnancy, hence able to get through the "save the life of the mother" hoops -- there was a network of doctors who winked and signed the requisite papers, and then you could get a medically safe abortion instead of a back-alley kitchen-table one.

    So consider that she may have thought about the options, and decided nevertheless to remain pregnant. Or (I knew several of these too) she may have kept putting off thinking about it, denying the pregnancy, until it was far too late and there was nothing to be done but get through the final few months somehow. It's complicated, and you've captured that well.

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