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  •  Okay. Onto Ohio with a slight tweak. (0+ / 0-)

    I am a senior living in Alaska.  I support President Obama because Medicare and Social Security are not only important programs for me, but also for my children and grandchildren.  

    President Obama has clear vision and a steady hand on the economy and with national defense. He is consistent. Nothing is worse for the economy than uncertainty and inconsistency. Nothing is more threatening to our national security than a lack of vision, lack of compassion, lack of common courtesy, and lack of a steady hand in moving forward in today's complex world. With President Obama, we have made allies of our friends, and earned the respect of those who would be our enemies.

    Green jobs, affordable health care, and affordable access to higher education, working towards the Dream Act, steady progress with the economy and national security.  Please join me in voting for four more years.  Your vote is likely more important than mine this year.

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