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View Diary: Romnesiac Mythomania: New Category of Mental Disorder (9 comments)

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  •  I love "mythomania" as a coined term. (4+ / 0-)
    Mitt's particular brand of selective forgetting
    I see Romney's obvious pathology more clinically.  My background in neuropsychology affords me a somewhat unique perspective on Mitt Romney: I’m finding and accumulating evidence that he may show subtle but significant signs of organic mental impairments from a 1968 brain injury:

    •  Significant, yes --- but not very subtle at all! (1+ / 0-)
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      significant signs of organic mental impairments from a 1968 brain injury:
      Romnesia is a syndrome of one who both lies and confabulates.

      We cannot afford to have WRWR ("Wrong and Reckless" Willard Romney) anywhere near the White House, or especially the Situation Room. Ever.

      •  Some details: (1+ / 0-)
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        Theories of confabulation range in emphasis. Some theories propose that confabulations represent a way for memory-disabled individuals to maintain their self-identity.[4] Other theories use neurocognitive links to explain the process of confabulation.[8] Still other theories frame confabulation around the more familiar concept of delusion.[9] Other researchers frame confabulation within the fuzzy-trace theory.[10] Finally, some researchers call for theories that rely less on neurocognitive explanations and more on epistemic accounts.[11]

        Neuropsychological theories

        The most popular theories of confabulation come from the field of neuropsychology or cognitive neuroscience.[8] Research suggests that confabulation is associated with dysfunction of cognitive processes that control the retrieval from long-term memory. Frontal lobe damage often disrupts this process, preventing the retrieval of information and the evaluation of its output.[12][13] Furthermore, researchers argue that confabulation is a disorder resulting from failed “reality monitoring/source monitoring” (i.e. deciding whether a memory is based on an actual event or whether it is imagined.[14] Some neuropsychologists suggest that errors in retrieval of information from long-term memory that are made by normal subjects involve different components of control processes than errors made by confabulators.[15] Detection of these errors are considered part of the Supervisory System,[16] which is believed to be a function of the frontal cortex.

        •  Tremendous background commentary (1+ / 0-)
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          Really great comments. I thank you for this perspective.

          •  Willard Romney"s pathology is obvious (0+ / 0-)

            to those familiar with the pattern of his oddly aggressive behavior.

            Some argue that he's just a "jerk" or "bully" or such; I posit that both are true, and coexistent. Indeed, it is widely recognized that severe brain trauma can (and often does) affect disinhibition and exacerbates pre-existing behaviors.

            Add Willard's ambition to the mix, and you have a very scary character.

    •  Astounding! (1+ / 0-)
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      Your article is highly important. As a result, I have promoted it further here at DailyKos, as well as at some other ancillary sites. It is a must-read among must-reads. I was unaware of almost all of your assembled material and, of course, unaware of its significance. But it certainly does offer a very straightforward and sensible explanation for much of the discrepancy that is Mitt Romney. The danger is real. We need to make certain this article and the facts it contains are not ignored in the remaining week before this very important election.

    •  Promotion of your own article (0+ / 0-)

      Following up on this, I have promoted your Diary on this subject by contacting several publication and commentary sources, as follows, forwarding the link and suggesting its importance:

      Paul Krugman at the NYT, Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert, Chris Matthews (Hardball), Mother Jones, The Huffington Post, and Liberals Unite.

      While it is true that your article does not offer proof of long-lasting effects, it certainly substantiates the possibility, and serves to explain, disturbingly, the causes of his questionable behaviors. The danger seemed real enough before I read your diary. Now, I am compelled to get your article noticed.

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