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  •  Tepid Growth, jobs up but wages down (none)
    The economy grows but not as fast as population.  Jobs are up but wages down.  Personal spending will favor services driving up the ratio of low wage jobs to higher wage jobs.

    I don't know how an individual can safely "short" the USD but I've done it on behalf of large corporations.  I wouldn't do it myself due to the possibility of a margin call and because my aversion to risk would probably prompt me to make moves out of a position at the wrong time.

    Instead of being short USD I would be long one of the other currencies, probably Euro or yen. This would accomplish the same thing as a short.

    I favor the Euro over the yen or remembi because economic and political risk is spread over many more countries.

    Take a look at Everbank for non-USD deposits.

    They can be found at:

    they were covered in Forbes here:

    I'm not using them yet but as I re-balance my portfolio I'm going to seriously consider non-USD deposits with them.

    Great idea for an investment club.  I'm looking for ways to get a good return and at the same time invest in (support) non-exploitive companies.

    By the way, my wife had a charge card with MBNA through the Sierra Club which we recently replaced with a card more in line with our progressive leanings.  We need to get more people to flex their progressive economic muscle to punish the bad guys and support the good guys.  But that's another subject.

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      I guess "short" usually refers to borrowing money - in this case, since we Americans already have dollars, we don't need to borrow to sell them.  I've updated the main post with your link to Everbank.

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