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  •  From a diary related to that (3+ / 0-)

    illegal smile posted a diary quoting that language and opining generally on exceptions for rape, which are appropriate here even if the main focus is abortion:

    What if there's no physical evidence of rape because the woman had a knife to her throat and didn't struggle?  Would she get an abortion voucher?  Or would she not receive a voucher until the rapist was caught and confessed to his crime?  ... If the woman knew the attacker, what happens if he says "She wanted it--I didn't rape her."?  Does she get an abortion voucher or does she have to prove her case in court, within ninety days?  That won't happen, but what if it magically did?  And the accused appeals the verdict?  Does she have to wait for that process to run it's course, still within the ninety day window?  Fucking absurd.
    The rape distinction for benefits is cruel on its face but even for those women who might still get the benefits, the questions illegal smile raises are as important as they are likely.

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