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View Diary: Silver: Ohio is Not a Toss-Up (Right Now) (210 comments)

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  •  Reminds me of an old Saturday Night Live sketch... (5+ / 0-)
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    ParkRanger, JekyllnHyde, dwayne, elwior, Cedwyn

    ...of a night out at the "Inventor's Ball."  The guest inventors are announced as "Lord and Lady Douchebag"--who then have to spend the evening defending the invention.

    •  You're Thinking of This One, Bailey (9+ / 0-)

      Lord Salisbury: Spoken like a true Douchebag. I have often heard the King speak of your family.. [ to Earl of Sandwich ] ..and of yours, as well: "Give me a Sandwich and a Douchebag, and there is nothing I cannot do."

      Earl of Sandwich: Hear, hear!

      Lord Salisbury: So, tell me, Douchebag.. when are you going to show us that invention of yours?

      Earl of Sandwich: Yes, Douchebag, just what kind of an invention are you sitting on?

      Lord Doucebag: Well, it's a long story. Why don't we go out to the garden, and I'll explain it to you.

      Earl of Sandwich: Tell me - did Lady Douchebag help you in the project?

      Lord Doucebag: Help? Why.. she was the inspiration!

      [ they exit to the garden to discuss the wondrous invention ]

      Butler: Lord Compost Heap and Lady Disinfectant Cake!

      [ fade ]

      Read the SNL skit's transcript - no video available

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