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View Diary: Response help needed: Email making the rounds re: "Benghazi cover-up" (59 comments)

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  •  Local Milwaukee radio talkers push story (3+ / 0-)

    Our local right wing racist talk haters have been pushing this story too.  Mark Belling being the most obnoxious with this untrue story.

    My god did any of these chicken hawks ever serve their country?   Did we get every thing right when our planes were hijacked on 911?  Traffic controllers, NORAD, Pentagon had total confusion.  Was that Bush's fault?  3000 lives were lost on our soil and our reaction was screwed up.  But that happens in the fog of war.

    Now we have an attack on an undefended consulate in a foreign country while demonstrations are going on elsewhere.  Give me a break.  Then you have Romney criticizing the President before we even knew our ambassador had been killed.  What gall by these right wing gad bags.  Whose side are they on?  Belling even said he thought al Qaeda was more honest than our President.

    I think it's because their audience live in a fantasy world of television and movies and not in the real world.  I remember one of Belling's callers talked about a documentary on real vampires!  Belling actually had to tell the caller that vampires are fiction.

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