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  •  Obama's ground game in the swing states (2+ / 0-)
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    will be good for at least a point or two. So even if that single poll showing Ohio tied is more accurate than all the other ones showing Obama in the lead anywhere from 2 to 5 points, our GOTV can win a squeaker on the ground.

    The other thing to remember, always, is that Obama's path to 270 is much easier than Romney's and always has been. Romney can't lose several swing states that polling now shows him as being behind in. His electoral map has always been dicey and still is.

    We are going to win, because we want it more. Our voters and our volunteers are fighting for their lives, their Obamacare, their Medicare, Medicaid for the disabled and the elderly, and women for the right to control their own bodies.

    Do you think millionaires are going to be knocking on doors and canvassing to fight for their 20 percent tax cut? Nope. And the social conservatives have never been too sure about Mitt. Yeah, they hate Obama, but it's going to be in the back of their minds that Mitt will sell them out in the end. They just don't trust the guy (rightly so), and this is going to affect how much effort they put out to elect him.

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