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View Diary: Two Weasels, Rape Pregnancies, & the Racist John Sununu (4 comments)

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  •  Do these three capture the essence of Romney/Ryan? (2+ / 0-)
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    kurt, ChicDemago

    You may have additional blunders, fiascos, and malapropisms or disasters to put at the top of the list.  

    I have focused on these three, because they keep resounding in commentaries as perplexing campaign oddities.  First, why does Romney and his team think they can get away with being such an obvious flim-flam man (or "Bullshifter")?

    Second, how could they allow the rape pregnancy issue to emblazon itself upon the American consciousness as one of the central concerns of the Republican Party?   Third, how could they allow John Sununu, of all people, to be not only campaign co-chair, but also their principle spokesman?

    They made fundamental errors in thinking the American people wouldn't recognize their obvious flim-flam con artist baloney, their disrespect for the rights and equality of women, and their contempt and fear of non-caucasians.  

    These errors alone, are enough to convince most Americans with common sense that they lack the sound judgement needed to govern the nation for the next four years.

    Worse for them, still, they have pounded these repugnant ideas into the American consciousness as fundamental principles at the bedrock of the Republican Party.  They have done the memory of earlier and more noble Republicans (Lincoln, T Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower) a great disservice.

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