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View Diary: Vote No On California Proposition 35: Human Trafficking (34 comments)

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  •  Registration laws can unnecessarily ruin lives (0+ / 0-)

        There are a LOT of people registered as sex offenders because of a situation where an 18 year old guy had consensual sex with his 17 year old girlfriend, the girl's parents found out about it, and filed statutory rape charges.  So just because this guy and his girlfriend became sexually active as teenagers, which is fairly common practice for most American teenagers these days, the guy is branded for life as a sex offender.  For the rest of his life, he'll have trouble getting a job.  He'll have trouble renting a place to live.  If he raises a family, his neighbors and his children's school will receive notifications of his sex offender status and will treat him with suspicion.  And now if this Proposition passes, he'll apparently have to forego all online privacy for the rest of his life, by giving the government access to every email he writes and receives, and every website he visits.  And it will do nothing to prevent the crimes of real sex offenders because those people will simply choose not to comply with the law.  It really seems to me that such punitive, broad-brush Scarlet Letter laws that make people outcasts for the rest of their lives because they made one mistake in their youth only impair these people's ability to be productive members of society, and even increase the probability that they will turn to crime.

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