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View Diary: TN-04: DesJarlais beds another female patient (92 comments)

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  •  Just self-baptizing in the River Jordan ... (3+ / 0-)

    or the headwaters thereof. We may choke on it, but no problem for Yoder.

    Meanwhile, back in Tennessee, as Sandy said, "the top of our ticket for TN is a teabagger to the right of Sen. Corker, well, this is no help for the Democrats in 2012."

    Absolutely every Senate race in the country has been steadily trending, or some a few cases lurching, toward the Democrats, from Virginia to New Mexico to South Dakota to Missouri to Arizona to Indiana to Nevada to Nebraska.

    But not Tennessee. Some Dude, or some flake, paid his fee to enter and won the primary, because no 'Name' Democrat wanted to waste his effort to run.

    What a wasted opportunity, in TN as in KS.

    •  A Damn Shame (2+ / 0-)
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      marykk, Woody

      I used to live in TN and still have family there. It's a shame how bad the state has gotten politically, especially after the 2010 massacre.

      I interned at the legislature about 10 years ago, when Dems were in the majority. The typical Dem legislator then was strongly pro-gun and pro-God, but also reasonably good on labor and education issues. The state was clearly to the left of places like TX, SC, and AL. Now it's nothing more than a laboratory for ALEC, and Dems seem to have thrown in the towel and are willing to accept permanent GOP hegemony.

      If "name" Dems don't start stepping up (and this includes entertainment industry Dems from Nashville who can self-fund), there soon won't be any "name" Dems left in the state to run a credible race at any significant level.

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