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  •  A plurality of white people (7+ / 0-)

    vote against their own interests. Simple. This has been discussed for a long time.

    You can quibble and say "a plurality of" should have been included, but most people can fill in the blank - except for maybe you.

    •  Let me help you with some reading comprehension. (1+ / 0-)
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      Be Skeptical

      The first paragraph, which you have used to defend the diary, states,

      This group, if they controlled the election, would elect President Romney by an 18-point margin or so, and would no doubt give him the huge Senate and House majorities he would need to carry out all of his policies, if he can ever decide what they are.
      Since one can presume that white Romney voters would elect Romney by a 100 point margin, and white Republicans would elect him with a margin much greater than the cited 18 point, it is pretty clear that "This group" refers to whites.  Thus, one can assume that "What's Wrong with White People?" refers to white people as a race, and the only blanks to be filled in are the ones you create in order to justify your personal take on this diary.

      I can understand your giving this diary a pass, but your petty hostility towards me is out of line.

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