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  •  Southern strategy on steroids (5+ / 0-)

    You've got that right. Only it seems that now they're even more outrageous than Nixon was in the 70s and Reagan in the 80s.  (Yes, I was around for both and got to see all those sleazy ads designed to make me hate "those people").

    Rightwingers have perfected this, so now  they seem to have dozens of variations of the southern strategy, each more outrageous than the last.  

    I wish Dems pushed back more--we don't hear nearly enough about an alternative vision to what Fox is peddling.

    •  you are so right TN yellow dog (2+ / 0-)
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      Mr Robert, JayRaye

      I cannot get over how blatant it has all been. has reality TV dumpdowned people that they can accept name calling and yelling in place of civil discourse?

      I think they learned that there are "some" people who just don't give a shit (which is true) some people who think it does not matter who is in the WH), distracted by toys and American Idol or Dancing w/The Stars and they no longer have to be politically's in your face, all the time.

      I am old enough to remember cronkite, huntley-brinkely and peter way what pases today as news and journalism would pass back then.

      and I am as big a supporter of free speech as anyone but this started with Reagan getting rid of Fair Doctrine Act where news organizations had to tell the truth and if they allowed one party to say something the other party had to be given equal time.....the other change was allowing organizations to own newspapers and TV stations in the same market or own all the newspapers and a tv station in the same market.

      this has been a plan that started 30 years ago by the right wing. control the media, steal the presidency and control the supreme court in order to over turn Roe v Wade amongst other things.

      I am not a tinfoil conspiracy theorist. these things are all out there to be found if one wants to look. people laughed at Hillary on 60 Minutes years ago about the "vast right wing conspiracy" and it has come home to roost.

      it's an alternate universe when mittens could conceivably  win the presidency.

      too much money.

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