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View Diary: What's Wrong with White People? (96 comments)

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  •  I am white and liberal. I used to be shocked at (4+ / 0-)

    how so many white folks I know who appear moderate,  even liberal, on the surface have ugly racist sentiments underneath. They appear egalitarian and accepting in their interactions with blacks and Latinos in the workplace, at social events, in their neighborhoods and on the street. They are pleasant and amiable in their public relationships with minorities. They may even play sports and socialize with minorities in their off-hours.

    But, when they get me alone somewhere, I almost invariably hear about how "they" are taking advantage of some government program, "they" are lazy, immoral slackers on drugs, "they" just want to fornicate with anything that moves, "they" are getting preferential treatment or "their" shortcomings are being ignored at work, etc. Who "they" are need never be spoken.

    I have had this experience so many times and with so many people that it no longer shocks me. I used to call people out when this happened but found it futile to do so. Now, I just smile (inwardly, although often I can barely contain my outward laughter at hearing these same hackneyed innuendos once again) and look at them as if they were fools unknowingly digging their own graves. I usually think to myself, "Well, now that you've thoroughly discredited yourself in my eyes, what will you do for an encore?"

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