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  •  My friends needed a generator, (4+ / 0-)

    and they called all around and yesterday they finally had to go nearly 3 hours from where they live in NJ into PA. Even there, the only place that had generators was a little place down a one-lane road with no computerized systems.  More than 200 people in line, without computers to ring them up. Oh, and the generators were only just arriving, and again, no computers, so people had to come back today to actually pick up the generators once they'd been logged in.  I'm hoping my friends aren't too stuck on the road there or back.

    Just speaking of the little guy trying to handle the volume.

    •  Wow. I feel fortunate. (2+ / 0-)

      My wife and I went out at about 5 p.m. on Thursday to buy a generator.  Several stores were out, but the local Home Depot had two left.  Another couple had grabbed one of them, so I jumped on the other.  While we were waiting to pay, about eight people asked whether they could have the one I had.

      They had 16 more arrive by truck the next day, and sold out in 10 minutes.

      We were there today getting plywood to cover windows, and the associate told us they'd had about 20 come early this morning, and more than 50 people chased the truck.  He said there were big arguments.  They went from the truck directly into cars.

      Having a generator is one thing.  Figuring out how to operate it, and to do so safely, is another.  We have electricians scheduled for tomorrow at 8 a.m. to install a transfer switch and give advice.  I sure hope they make it!  

      It's not safe, as many do, to plug stuff directly into the generator.  That's a good way to destroy your stuff, burn your house down, and get electrocuted.

      I'm really nervous about going out into a major storm at night to try to put more gasoline into the generator.  But you do what you think you must.

      Unfortunately, the $800 Briggs & Stratton 5500 Watt Storm Responder generator we were able to get is nowhere near powerful enough to run the furnace and heat pump on our house, and it's going down into the mid-30s all week.  I guess that's why sweaters and blankets were invented.

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