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  •  O is NOT losing OH.... (3+ / 0-)
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    Nena20409, PorridgeGun, CoyoteMarti

    ........time to put that concern to rest.  :)

    O has led start to finish.  Previous ballot initiatives have motivated democrats as has auto bailout, unhappiness with Kasich (sp?) and the voter suppression efforts of their sec of state has them just plained pissed off.

    in addition, mittens did himself no favors when he lied in to OH voters Thurs night that Jeep was closing its plants and moving to China which was a flat out lie. despicable that the asshole said that to people who are directly impacted.

    it was a calculated and coordinated effort by mittens, his campaign, a right wing blogger (not drudge) and the Washington Examiner.  Take a story in Bloomberg, distort it, post it in the Examiner and mittens runs with it. the guy is not fit to be president.

    it was not a gaffe, it was not a misinterpretation it was a deliberate lie. mittens was called on it immediately but he has yet to take it back or apologize to those OH voters.


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