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View Diary: Understanding Obedience’s Role in Evil – Conservative Psychological Manipulation (58 comments)

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  •  never underestimate the power of obedience (7+ / 0-)

    Obedience is a necessary part of social culture.  This study demonstrates the negative potential in the wrong hands.  

    There is a much more subtle power has that most of us are subject to.  That is the power authority has when basic human needs are in jeopardy or when our livelihood is on the line.  Most people would not risk their career to oppose the authority here.  Look at Sandusky in Pennsylvania.  Look at Wall Street and investment banking.  Look how much business is dominated by Republican ideology.  

    Think about how much your bosses direction and opinion influence your direction and choices.

    That is why the Republican's using scare tactics with their own employers this election to influence their vote this election is so heinous an act.

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