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  •  I agree - I think the 2004 election is when I (0+ / 0-)

    first felt that the conversation was over. I could not understand what had been done to John Kerry - in plain sight of everyone, and why anyone would support the utter disaster that was George W. Of course then Rove could run around getting states to put gay marriage bans on the ballots to ensure their base turned out. And then there was the matter of Ohio - and funny business with the computers.

    But 2008 came along and in the euphoria of America doing something really right before the whole world, I confess to slipping back into caring about a group that was clearly anxious about a rapidly changing world. They wanted "their country back" - but it seemed to me that what was really needed was leadership from the Republicans to help their constituency understand there was no going back  - that the "back" they referred to was actually an ugly discriminatory past that we should all have learned from. Now in Washington State we're going to pass a ballot initiative supporting gay marriage, and the future (climate change notwithstanding) is much brighter.

    But like the diarist and your comment - the ugliness. hate and perhaps worst of all the utter selfishness of this group has drained me of any compassion for them. Now I just want to beat them badly at the polls and get on with a very challenging 21st century.

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