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  •  Iran can be the next Iraq. (1+ / 0-)
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    with Gore we would not have had the war in Iraq. With Obama we can avoid a war with Iran. Romney on the other hand appears gun-ho to "bomb-bomb-bomb, bomb-bomb Iran", just like McCain was.

    Seriously, ask him about the Iraq war, and if he thinks a Democratic Administration would have lied us into war. Please. Killing a million Iraqis (through the hunger and illness that increased from the war and by actual straight up violence) is a BFD.

    Gay rights... here in the US, but also abroad. Romney and his ilk support things like the Uganda kill the gays bill, while Obama's State Department lobbied against the bill and helped keep it from passing. State Dept has made several moves to promote the human rights of LGBT people abroad.

    Global warming and climate change. Obama believes in it and will try to make progress in large part by moving us towards renewable sources of energy. Romney doesn't give a shit.

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