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View Diary: HELP! Just off the son has decided not to vote in the presidential election.. (143 comments)

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  •  I call what your son has PSWM Syndrome. (1+ / 0-)
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    I know I'm making some assumptions here but most people I know who take the position your son is taking are privileged straight white males who are blissfully unaware of how very privileged they are because they've never experienced life without it.

    In short, his "making a statement,' his refusal to in any way compromise his beliefs, are luxuries that he can afford. Given the Supreme Court justices that Romney would probably appoint (And have you brought up SCOTA with him, the fact that the next president will probably appoint several justices and that a radical right-wing court will most likely uphold many of the practices he finds so abhorrent and will most likely overturn progressive legislation for decades to come? Does he realize how crippling this would be and how long it would last--until he is well into middle age?) that Roe v Wade would be overturned and women miight even be refused abortion even if their health is at stake so this election could be a life and death issue for some women?

    For immigrants, for many who were brought here as children without documentation, this election may determine whether they get to stay in this country at all.

    For LGBTs, this election could mean reinstatement of Don't Ask/Don't Tell and the perpetuation of DOMA and maybe even an amendment to enshrine marriage inequality and discrimination against LGBTs in the constitution (Is this the kind of statement he wants to make--that this is ok, that LGBTs are third class citizens?)

    For people with pre-existing conditions, for the disabled, for the elderly, this election could determine whether they have access to healthcare and/or whether they will be driven to bankruptcy. With the cuts Romney wants to make to medicaid, the very ability for poor elderly to have access to decent nursing home care could be at stake. Again these are life and death issues (but not for your son--this is how privilege works).

    For families, cuts in food stamps and WIC programs could make the difference whether their children go to bed hungry or not. (But again for your son, these are not issues--this is how privilege works).

    Then there's the denial by the Republicans about climate change. (Does you son want to reward their denial, their refusal to take any action to save the planet--this is one instance where his interests are directly at stake--privilege won't shield him from ecological disaster)

    And then there's the economic disaster that the Romney/Ryan austerity plans will bring about (They make Hoover look like a Keynesian in comparison) Unless he has a Tagg Romeny style trust fund, he's not got enough privilege to escape unscathed.

    I could go on and on. But I would call him on his Privileged Straight White Male Syndrome. I wouldn't go easy on him. He needs some "tough love" He needs to see that he has a responsibilty to others less privileged than his is. For them, "taking a stand," "making a statement," refusing to compromise are luxuries that they can't afford. This election could be life and death.


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